$10 Date Ideas for Spring

Are you craving some springtime fun with your match– but strapped for cash? Soak up the sun while still saving some dough with these great date ideas for around $10 bucks or less:

1. Go to something cultural:  An art exhibit, a lecture, a free outdoor concert or book reading/signing are all great, inexpensive ways to have fun while together and channel your inner artsy-side.

2. Get to Know Your City:  Sometimes the most beautiful and interesting places are right under your nose!  Go explore some of your cities’ history together – from historical buildings to city landmarks.

3. Lend a Hand:  Volunteering will bring you and your date closer together because you both experience a general warmth and feeling of doing something good and productive.  Plus, being charitable is just plain sexy!

4. Get Active:  Take advantage of the inviting Spring weather and head outdoors.  Rent a paddleboat at your local lake for an hour, play putt putt golf, or even channel your inner child by flying a kite at the park.

5. Go local:  Hit up some of your hometown breweries and wineries – most offer very inexpensive tours that include tastings!


Do you have any other cheap date ideas? Tell us in the comments below! 

  • Alberta

    I read the profile and this sounds fun to do. I would like to do this myself. They are having fun.this the way to really fine out what each would like and more about one other. Fun fun fun. I can see me doing this. and having a lot of fun with him.this is really good to here.

  • Stephen

    Lol time to set up some cheap dates 😀

    • I think you’ve just captured the answer prefclety

  • NatureLady55

    The question should be, “the 1st date meeting where do you go?” That what is important is getting the first date before the real dating ideas. These are great ideas, but not everyone lives near a Major city.

    I don’t believe in endless emails, chats online. They can type anything!
    Talking is he key. Phone first is very important. Get to know the man before meeting if you both agree.
    That when you know if you’re a Match before meeting at first date..

  • i like the way they are having fun. i would like having fun too.

  • NatureLady55

    If I had a “Spring time” match I would do these ideas LOL!

  • Great ideas, i find that i normally end up learning alot more about a city while travelling then i do when in my own home town stockholm. Had a friend come visit me and she ended up showing me alot of stuff i didn´t even know existed here.
    Don´t think i´ve flewn a kite for 20 years maybe it´s time to go down to the basement and dust it off

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