Featured Success Couple: Kim and Adam

Most people don’t even know that Adam and I met online because we both were actually attending the same school. We both were law students at the University of Dayton School of Law, but he was in the class ahead of me and I had never met him. When we first started communicating on Match, he joked that we could have “cut out the middleman” but realistically, our paths might never have crossed otherwise.

From the beginning, I knew Adam was different. He told me in one of our earlier emails that he was a “nerd” and asked me what the nerdiest thing about me was. While that might have freaked out a lot of girls, I thought it was great that he was honest. Quite frankly, I’m a nerd too, so I was of the philosophy that “nerdy is good” when it came to dating.

The night of our first date, we made last minute plans to meet up for a drink after work. It was a Friday night, and I already had plans with my mom and a friend for a concert later in the evening. Adam and I had so much fun that I lost track of time, and was caught completely off-guard when my Mom called and asked where I was two hours later.

Adam and I hit it off immediately and started dating exclusively about a month after our first date. We’ve never looked back, and were engaged a year later. I can honestly say he is my best friend and I am so excited for our wedding!

His proposal was picture perfect. We both are huge golfers, which was one of things that attracted us to each other right off the bat. We learned a lot about each other during our afternoons on the golf course the summer we started dating. After a year of dating, we had been discussing getting engaged for awhile, and I was getting antsy. I knew Adam was going to propose soon, but he was determined to surprise me. I had a hunch he would propose on the golf course, but I figured it would be during a round when the two of us were playing together. Little did I know, he had other plans.

On a Wednesday afternoon in July, I was playing in a ladies golf league with my Mom and friend. On the 18th green, as I was walking to my ball, something out of the ordinary caught my eye. The flag flying in the hole had pink writing on it. I stopped to see what it said, and found that in place of the regular Yankee Trace flag, there was one with the words “Kim will you marry me? Adam.” I started at the flag for awhile, and Adam came out from behind a bush where he had been waiting for me. My dad and two of our friends were watching from the nearby parking lot and snapping pictures. It was the perfect proposal!

  • Alberta

    I read there profile.I love what was said and I congratulations two the both of. Happy things are going great. And I hope thing will keep going for the both. Have a great enjoying life. Best wishes to the both.

  • Pamela Sanchez

    I got goosebumps after reading your profile. Congratulations. I met a great man in Match also. We just recently dating and we are both happy where we are right now.