Cities Luckiest in Love in 2011

Kiss me, I’m… from LA? We asked singles around the country about their love lives this past year, and found Irishmen weren’t the only ones with lucky charms in their pockets! Here are the cities that were luckiest in love in 2011, based on our Singles in America study:

Cities that went on the most dates in 2011:

1.     LA/NYC

2.     Phoenix

Cities that had the most committed relationships in 2011:

1.     Detroit

2.     Chicago

Cities that had the most sex in 2011:

1.     NYC

2.     Boston


Was your city lucky in love in 2011? Were you included in the list? Tell us in the comments below!

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  • Web

    I feel like this stat should have been based on dates/relationships/sex per capita, rather than raw numbers. Of course new york, LA, and chicago will be up there. Those places are HUGE!.

  • Alberta

    That is good to know and here good luck to you both. Best wishes and enjoy life with all your hearts .I am happy for you both.that is great news to here.