Featured Success Couple: Alexis and Ryan

Ryan is the first man who contacted me on Match. He likes to say I “swooshed” – first shot, 3 points, all net (he had been on Match since February). 🙂 Our first date was coffee at a local shop; we both felt like it was incredibly easy to talk and knew we wanted to see each other again. I went on a date with one other Match meet, but when I was supposed to go on my third, I cancelled and told Ryan my plans unexpectedly got cancelled and asked him if he wanted to get together. We became official shortly thereafter (and yes, I confessed I was supposed to go on a different date). 🙂 Before Match, I felt like I would never meet someone, and I didn’t think anyone like Ryan even existed. Now, I feel like the luckiest woman in the world (and I’m pretty sure Ryan feels lucky as well). Ryan is a wonderful man, and I know we wouldn’t have met if it weren’t for Match; our circles would not have accidentally crossed. Now, we’re in each others’ circles, planning a wedding! Thank you Match!!

How did you and your significant other find each other on Match?

I was in his list of Daily Matches one day and he clicked that he was “interested in” me.

First-date advice

Relax! And don’t overshare. This is not where you say, “I must have a fall wedding and 2.5 kids.” This is where you say, “I love traveling! Have you been to ABC?”

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    Wow! So many discouraging stories. But where does one go to meet
    an eligible, honest man? Especially when those of us looking are older.

    I’ve been looking for a while and been discouraged because they do not follow my desires. I have certain criteria that seem to be ignored by those who are “matching” me.

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