Featured Success Couple: Erin and Brendan

When I signed up for Match, my life was pretty great- friends, family, health, travel. I had spent the better part of my 30s single though: “no time for a relationship.” I signed up for Match just to see, and the first email I got was from a guy with no picture. You need to understand one thing about me, and that is I have been known to not give people chances, so an email from a guy with no photo is not something I was inclined to respond to. I was working at my brother’s restaurant when I received Brendan’s email. 43…divorced…with child. I called my best friend and asked her “was this on our dream list when we were 20?”

His email made me laugh though and was so sincere and honest. “I have light brown hair with some pepper moving in, but oh well…I played hockey professionally in Europe, not making it to the big time, but close enough…I hope this is not a deal breaker, but I have a daughter who is obviously the best thing in the world…the hard thing about Match is trying to figure out if you would be a good match for someone else…hope we can talk more…” I replied, received a photo from him in the next email, and breathed a sigh of relief when I saw him. We went out 3 nights after the first email exchange and didn’t look back. The funny part to it is that he grew up across the street from the bottom of my driveway and lived 2 blocks from me, but I never crossed paths with him. Truth be told, I had signed up 6 months earlier and was just not ready to put myself out there. I can’t believe I found Brendan on Match and feel so lucky. I have no idea how it happened.

What made you try online dating?

I had a conversation with someone the day before that said “don’t let life just happen to you…”

How did you and your significant other find each other on Match?

Brendan found me.

  • Alberta

    I read the profile. That is great to here and hope that everything will work out for the both of them. They look happy together.and they are having fun and that is great to see. I am happy for them my best wishes to the both of keep “smiling “that is sweet!