Singles in America: Questions on Love and Relationships

Once again, we picked the brains of American singles for our 2nd annual “Single in America” study. Our freshly painted portrait of the unmarried life continues to expose how the scripts have been flipped when it comes to sex, love and relationships. Plus, this year we included some pretty frisky revelations based on people’s political viewpoints… including which parties’ constituents are more “satisfied.” But you are going to have to sit tight and wait for these juicy revelations.

Our eye-opening findings won’t be made public until Thursday, Feb 2nd. In the meantime, find out how a handful of folks in Austin, Texas and one of the web’s top relationship writers, Natasha Burton (below) responded to four of the “love” questions that appeared in our “Single in America” study.

Natasha Burton is the Relationships Editor at and coauthor of The Little Black Book of Big Red Flags: Relationship Warning Signs You Totally Spotted… But Chose to Ignore. In your opinion, which of these is the biggest deal-breaker in a relationship: Disheveled or unclean appearance, laziness, or neediness?

Natasha Burton: Laziness! Why is that?

Natasha: This is a hard question! It was a toss-up for me between laziness and neediness, but laziness ultimately won because lazy partners are often also needy (and they tend to be a bit disheveled!). Laziness connotes a lack of ambition as well as a lack of commitment and intention for life itself — which, for me, can be very unattractive. Your long-term partner should ideally have a zest for life and the drive to continue to be curious and excited, especially as you get older and have children. Someone with a lackadaisical approach might end up boring you or be unwilling to have new adventures with you, which can make you feel stuck. I might agree that laziness is definitely not an attractive trait. Next question: Do you think ladies should propose marriage?

Natasha: Honestly, I’m old-fashioned, so I would say no. From interviewing experts on the topic, I think that by saving up to buy a ring, a man shows that he’s committed and both willing and able to provide for you and his future family. The ring is a symbol of that, and I believe that it’s important for women — no matter how successful they are personally — to marry someone who can provide for them (or at least wants to). Makes sense. So do you believe in love at first sight?

Natasha: Yes! Why do you believe in love at first sight?

Natasha: I believe that you can tell right off the bat whether or not you’re going to have a connection with a person you meet. Whether it’s love or friendship, our intuition signals when we encounter someone special. I think we just have to get better at listening to it. I can pretty much guess how you will respond to the next question, but here we go: Would you rather have a happy relationship, or your dream career?

Natasha: A happy relationship. Can you share why?

Natasha: Well, I’m spoiled because I currently have both. But honestly, I would rather have a happy relationship if I all of a sudden had to choose one or the other. It sounds cliché, but it’s true: Having success in life means little if you don’t have someone with whom to share it. Spoken like a true romantic.

Do you agree or disagree with Natasha? Leave your comments below, and don’t forget to check back here on Feb 2nd to see how American singles voted on the exact same questions… and more!

  • Every relationship is different, hindsight is a great thing but you never know what decisions you would make untill it comes time to make it.

  • Stubborn should be a deal breaker!

  • Shannon M. Barattini

    Love is a complex feeling, but it can be simple love can be a touch, a look, smile, sharing something with that person that no one else knows. You have to be confident in your self first to express love to that special someone. Shannon Michael

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