How to be a Productive Single This Year by Whitney Casey

Sure, you’ve made your resolution to get into shape and channel your inner Gisele/Matthew McConaughey, but did you make any resolutions this year to start dating on the right foot? New Years is a great time for self-improvement, so what better time than now to stop dating your couch and venture into the real dating world! But where does one start on the journey out of singledom? Whitney Casey, our resident relationship guru, has some tips on how to be a productive single this year:


The first step is to start putting yourself out there.  That means joining a new book club or Dodgeball league, flirting with the guy you always see in the elevator, etc.


Tell everyone you know that you are available and ready to be set up on a date.  Your friends, family and coworkers know you, and they have connections as well. By empowering your network to become your personal matchmaker, you may very well find your cupid with hardly any work on your part.


1 in 5 relationships now begin online.  So joining an online dating site like or is a no brainer – it not only gives you instant access to thousands of singles bit you’ll also be able to check out your competition so you’re in the know as you hunt for your next Romeo or Juliet.

Are you ready to be a productive single this year? Tell us your plan of attack in the comments below!

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