Fitness-Friendly Dates

The winter season is finally coming to a close, and we can all prepare ourselves for the inevitable declarations of “bikini diets” everywhere! What better way to jumpstart your activity levels than by incorporating fitness into your dating life? Here are a few ideas from our resident relationship expert, Whitney Casey, on some fitness-friendly dates that could will have you and your date workin’ up a sweat in no time:

1. Let Em’ See You Sweat: Take a gender neutral class together. Classes like spin, kickboxing or jump rope can be great for a non-threatening non-gender bending workout together..but don’t suggest any type of step, dance, or body sculpting class– it is just plain too effeminate. No man is going to want to pick up a pair of 3lb pink weights and “pulse…pulse…then lift ..lift”– and most importantly, no yoga! It’s too cliché.

2. “Spot” a Good Opportunity: Learn how to be a good spotter. You always see men spotting other men however, you don’t have to be able to lift the amount of weight he is lifting to lift weights with your man. it really just takes a special touch – a little nudge or two fingers under the bar while he finishes his last set to give him that help you need. Get him to teach you so you can be his sporty spotter.

3. Keep Ballin’ & Shot Callin’… Sans Balls: Avoid any sports where you could end up beating him… or sports where you could end up beat up!!  For example, handball can be extremely painful if you don’t know what you are doing. It is also a buzzkill for men to see that you are utterly un-athletic. If you want to maintain ballah’ status…don’t pick up the ball if you don’t know how to throw it or throw down!

4. No Makeup Isn’t a Breakup: You don’t have to be squeaky clean-faced if you feel really uncomfortable ‘sans your face on.’ You CAN wear make-up when working out. Just make sure you don’t “Tammy Fae” on your towel. Nothing is grosser then seeing a white gym towel turn tan because you are dripping off your mask. Just tone the makeup down – like wearing a tinted moisturizer with a cheek stain or lip stain that won’t sweat off.

5. Mix It Up: Make a great workout playlist that you can BOTH enjoy and have it on both of your iPods, then you can go to the gym together, do different workouts, yet still sweat to the same songs.

Do you have some other fun ways to keep fitness first on your mind while dating? Tell us in the comments below. 

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