Featured Success Couple: Jenny and John

I was a young professional just starting out in Columbus, OH and after coming out of a few unsuccessful relationships from college I was ready to meet someone completely new. I went out to lunch with a girlfriend who was also single for lunch to catch up. After a few glasses of wine, we joked about how we would be single forever and that we should just start online dating. We came back to my place after lunch and continued to talk about the what-if’s of online dating. I always said “oh, I’ll do that when I’m 35 and desperate” or “I’m 23, I’m too young for that, I’ll just meet someone out at a bar or concert.”

After thinking about it (for an hour), I finally said you know what, I’m going to do it. It’s not easy meeting new people at bars and restaurants. You don’t want to be that person that walks up to someone good looking at a grocery store to get their phone number while they’re trying to buy shredded cheese. Why not weed all the bad ones out and just “try it”? So that day, I filled out the survey and my friend and I laughed at the questions and didn’t take it very seriously at first. After an hour long interrogation of my hopes and aspirations of the man of your dreams… finally… YOUR MATCHES.

I immediately started clicking on every picture… “boyfriend shopping” I called it. I got to picture #4 to a guy named “Bukeyeguy7”. I said, “oh wow, he’s really cute!” and started looking at his profile. A guy just like me; just graduated college a few years ago, normal back ground, looks normal, just looking to meet someone. He was interested in music, good drinks and good times. Every thing I enjoy myself. I nervously messaged him that day with a “Hey how’s it going? You seem really cool!”(Typing this makes me laugh now). It was Memorial Day weekend so he had been home and messaged me right back. We discussed our Memorial Day plans and what we had been up to that weekend. We then exchanged email addresses and messaged each other back and forth at work that week. We learned that we both worked in corporate offices down here in Columbus and lived just 10 minutes from each other in Columbus. He was a fraternity boy, I was a sorority girl. I loved getting to know John and could not wait to meet him.

The first date was exactly 1 week from the first email- I was puke nervous. Am I really meeting someone from the internet? But I honestly remember driving to the Dewey’s Pizza in Grandview where we first met thinking “I think I might be meeting my husband today.” Sounds crazy, but I just had this feeling. Well…. the pizza was good… and our date was even better. Pizza then led to gyros at Jimmy V’s. Gyros led to craft beers and movies at my house. We went out dates to the Book Loft and Ole Mohawk in German Village, restaurants in the Short North and explored the city. John was a Columbus native and for the first time ever, made the new city I had moved to feel like home. John and I became “officially” boyfriend and girlfriend that July and went on a trip to New York City together that fall. John and I exchanged the “L-Bomb” on that trip. I knew I loved him from the start, but it felt good to finally get it out in the open that trip 🙂 After a year of dating, we moved in together this past summer and started a home together in German Village. Living with John gets better and better every day. We love to cook, grocery shop, and just sit on the couch and absorb each other’s company.

This December, John met me back in NYC for a Christmas trip in our favorite city. We were getting ready one morning in our hotel room about to leave to see the Rockettes. John was standing by our window in the hotel room and he asked me to come over to him. He gave me a hug and said that this was our city, the city we fell in love in… BUT…he wanted to love me forever in the city. He then got on one knee like every gentleman should and asked me to marry him. I completely melted (and obviously said yes) and we are now beginning our wedding planning for May 2013. John is the most amazing man on planet earth and I thank GOD I had too much wine a lunch one day and decided to take a chance on online dating. I NEVER thought I would meet someone online but I have no regrets at ALL. There is not a minute that goes by that I am not grateful for the day I met John.

What made you try online dating?

Wine and curiosity. I was sick of the bar scene. I just wanted to meet someone real… and ready.

How did you and your significant other find each other on Match?

He showed up on the first page of my “daily matches” the first day I joined! Amazing, I know.

  • I love reading this article, so inspiring. Hopefully, Jenny and John will together in good life and happiness. And they should not forget match.com, I think.

  • romanai2012

    wow that sure is a love story love it!