Featured Success Couple: Brendan and Kim

Brendan: When I met Kim, I knew that she was a down to earth girl who I felt comfortable just being myself around. From our first date, I knew that she was easy to talk to and fun to be with. She has pushed me to be more independent and together we have formed an unbreakable bond. Kim is my best friend and I’m so happy to call her my fiancé.

Kim: When I met Brendan, I knew he was a diamond in the rough. I fell in love with his manners; he was such a gentleman. I never ever had a guy open my car door, and in time he became my best friend. I found myself changing for the better. He was someone who I respect and wanted to be more like (kindness and gentle beyond belief). He is hands down my best friend.

What made you try online dating?

It always seems like when you’re looking for someone is when it seems to be the hardest. Prior relationships didn’t work out and we weren’t able to find someone in our normal busy schedules. Dating somebody from work didn’t seem like an option, and finding someone on the social scene has it’s fair share of problems. Match.com seemed like a community of people with the same goals in common that we could fit into our time schedule.

Any first date advice?

We went to a comedy club, which I think makes for a great first date. I suggest this for a few reasons: 1. It’s a public place so it’s comfortable for both parties. 2. Laughter makes for an easy going and fun first date, plus adds to the conversation after. 3. It shows that you can go out and have a fun time.

How about search suggestions?

Don’t be super selective when searching. Broaden your horizons and be open to meeting all sorts of people, and don’t base your willingness to go out with someone solely on looks. I chose to go out with Kim based on her personality and not for how she looks. Again, this is why the profile information is so important. Not that having a good profile pic isn’t important, but it’s okay to go outside of your comfort zone. You may find something you weren’t expecting!

  • Alberta

    Hi! your profile I love it and it was sweet.i hope the best for the both of you.the best medicine is laughter and to enjoy life to the fullest.my best wishes to you and have fun “smile” be happy.