The 'Ultimate Proposal': James and Chandelle

At, we receive countless stories of success everyday, and we feel so fortunate to be able to touch the lives of so many great members. This particular success story caught our eyes- and our hearts. James reached out to us with an offer we couldn’t refuse- to help him propose to his girlfriend, Chandelle. See his original email below, and check out the video to see a preview of how we captured all the special moments of James’ proposal. You can see the proposal in its entirety right here on the blog on Monday, December 26th.   


I know you are all very busy people, so I will keep this simple, short & sweet. Over the last 6 months my life has completely changed, and in 3 weeks its really going to change, when I propose to my girlfriend…. Whom you guessed it, I met on! I know has had a ton of success stories; I saw a bunch of them on the page, and that’s really cool; once our journey is complete we will definitely be a success story on there :)!

The reason I am emailing you all is because, for our proposal, I am planning something really special (I think so at least!). My girlfriend, Chandelle, and I live in Minnesota, but I am originally from Upstate NY.  We will be in NY the week of Thanksgiving and will be in NYC for two days. Chandelle has ALWAYS loved ice skating and has talked non-stop about wanting to go ice skating at the Ice Rink at Rockefeller Plaza. Imagine how excited I was when I realized they had an ‘engagement on ice package’ where after a skating session ends, you and your soon to be fiancé would be the only two on the ice so you could propose when they play your song…  how cool is that? I have everything booked, flights to NYC, hotel, and it is all going down Tuesday November 22nd, I am soo excited!

Back to the reason I am emailing you all again. The one thing that is not ideal about this proposal is that all of our family will miss it- her family will be in MN, and my family is all in Upstate NY.  I have promised her mom I would find someone to record the engagement and take some photos, etc. so they could relive and watch the moment. But I think a recording of a couple getting engaged at the Ice Rink at Rockefeller Plaza would be really cool, plus our families could then watch our special moment too!

Regardless of if any of that works out or not, its okay…. I just wanted to especially thank all of you for the your time and the website and team you all lead.  Chandelle was my one ‘VIP’ email, and wow, it’s crazy to think where we are now, and where our relationship is going :)! Thanks for your time, have a great week!


  • Alberta

    I am glad for the both of you and wish you both the best.also thank you for having me .may the life of joy bring you happnest and more.the both of you look so happytake care of each other have a happy holidays and happy New years.thanks again.