Featured Success Couple: Melissa and Aaron

Without match.com Aaron and I never would have met. Granted, we had a mutual friend or two on Facebook, but neither one of us would have had the guts to contact each other if it wasn’t for a chance connection on Match. After Aaron saw my profile in his Daily matches and noticed I hadn’t winked or emailed him, he sent me a personal email. His story was a little more unique than most. After an accident in the ocean he was left a quadriplegic. Although his dating life was still active, it was just different. He honestly went on match without the highest of expectations. As his profile stated “it definitely takes a special person to be with me.” Who would have thought I was that special person? In all honesty, at first, I didn’t. After Aaron’s email introducing himself and reading over his profile I could absolutely tell why Match had connected the two of us. We both loved being outdoors, seemed to have a very similar sense of humor and our values were definitely in line. I unfortunately knew virtually nothing about quadriplegia and wasn’t sure that jumping into a relationship with Aaron was the best thing to do. I was honest and let him know this and our friendship quickly grew. From there it didn’t take too long for the two of us to realize that Match was absolutely right on, and our romantic relationship began.

Our dating situation is unique in many ways. Aaron practically chased me down in the parking lot on our first dinner date out trying to make me sit on his lap. He said he couldn’t open the door for me, but if I sat on his lap someone else would. Much to my dismay he predicted I’d be sitting on his lap in a matter of months. He was right. Although Aaron couldn’t reach out and grab my hand at or give me a bite of his dinner, our date was the most romantic and engaging date I had ever been on. The people around us didn’t matter, all that mattered was the two of us in that moment. Aaron may not pick me up in his car for a date, but he’ll motor me through a busy parking lot in his chair. He may not be able to rub my back after a long day at work, but he’s always there to listen to my day and snuggle his head into mine. He is everything and way more then I have ever looked for in a partner and I’m so truly lucky to call him mine. It’s only a matter of time (at least Melissa thinks!) until it’s official. And we have match.com to thank for that.

  • Alberta

    That is a great story and I am happy from them and also best wishes.i hope that the both of them will stay a long time and have a happy life.it is very sweet to here to here.

  • mArtin

    happy marrychrismas