Featured Success Couple: Jennifer and Stephen

Steve and I were ‘viewing’ each other on Match when I finally had the nerve to write to him. His profile said that he was Major Healy looking for his Jeanie in a bottle. I thought he meant that he was the nice guy who never gets the girl. (Actually Healy was his last name.) So I wrote to him first and said, ‘I might be your Jeanie, but you need to let me out of this damn bottle to find out!’ He wrote back immediately and said that he liked my sense of humor. (Smart move!)

We had the best first date that either of us had been on! We went to breakfast, then a long walk on Ohio State’s campus, then a late lunch. It was interesting that, when we met, we were both ready to take a break from dating; Steve had the idea that he would not date anyone outside of Cincinnati where he lived (I live in Columbus) and I had the idea of not writing to anyone first. Luckily, we disregarded all of these ideas!

I have to add that Steve was really 6’2″, as his profile said!

Ten years ago, I would not have believed that you could find your soul mate on a website. Luckily, I was wrong! I found the sweetest and kindest person in the world, one who brings me roses regularly, takes care of my (very old) dog and appreciates my friendships, love of Ohio State football and just the day-to-day things that make life what it is. I married into a great family with wonderful in-laws who welcomed me with open arms!

We got married in September, 2010 and it was a beautiful wedding with all of our favorite people around us. Thank you, Match.com for bringing us together – you found my Knight in Shining Armor!!!


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  • Alberta

    I love the profile alot .and very sweet for the both of them and hope the best and great wihses.they seem very happy and I also hpe it will last a long time and joy.have a happy life.

  • What’s this all about it please.

  • In Europe and Americas, of 10 dating, let me call it sexuality Test, hardly 2-3 lead to marriage, only to last a few months and or years.
    There’s no harm in going for dating up to mutual rapport and communication but
    no Sex involved..