Featured Success Couple: Joe and Jennifer

I was just ending my month on Match; I had been on and off match a few times. Jenn had just gotten out of a relationship and signed up for 3 months. We sent a few emails back and forth and decided to meet for a walk on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Halfway through that walk I looked at her and thought she was going to be my wife. The conversation flowed, we laughed and it was the strongest immediate connection I had ever had. At the end of the walk we hugged goodbye and after the fact she said she knew she would marry me as well. The crazy part of it all is we live 4 miles apart and would have never known if it weren’t for your site.

Well due to Match, Jenn was getting e-mailed by multiple men and actually had a date the same night as our walk. She called me on the way to it and didn’t want to go, but felt bad. She called me after the date and we planned our second date for the next day. We have been together everyday since. A few weeks after we met (Dec 12th) she gave me a journal to keep track of our memories and write each other letters instead of cards. It all started with Match and we have a year full of memories documented for a lifetime. We wrote our 2011 wish list together and had accomplished everything except the last, which was get engaged. Well, on the night before Thanksgiving this year I asked her to be my wife and she said yes. We are in the process of trying to plan a wedding for Nov 2012!!!

  • Alberta

    All that sound so lovely and a happy ending.i wish them the best wishing in all they do in life.

  • tonya

    so where are other men like this Joe. I would love to find a man on dating site that really wants to make a connection. Good luck Jenn and Joe.

  • Erik

    I don’t buy these kind of stories for one minute. It sounds like the plot from half of the corny romantic comedies I have seen. Based on the spam I get from sites like match.com they don’t seem much different than those sleazy 1900 numbers. I guess if your looking for a one night stand these sites are for you. My mom is almost 70 and has been married for over 50 years, and even she gets spam from these sites. I’m sure that is not an accident. I bet half the people here are in LTR and just looking for some action on the side.

    • Erik, you can check out plenty more Match.com member-submitted stories on our success site, http://success.match.com. There are thousands and thousands of stories that prove Match.com has worked for them. As for married people on the site, we do not allow them and they are removed immediately.