Holiday Dating Guide: Setting the Romantic Mood

It’s safe to say almost everyone knows how to ring in the holidays with decorations and festivities, but what about setting the romantic holiday mood to ensure your love life thrives this holiday season? We asked our members where and how they like to set the tone for a sexy holiday date, their seasonal turn-ons, and their big holiday dating no-no’s.

What best sets the holiday dating mood?

The scent of warm cinnamon, snuggle-worthy weather, holiday dining indulgences- these all are great ways to create a romantic backdrop, but what specifically do singles find the most attractive during the season?

  • 56% of men and women answered that a crackling fire was the best way to set a sexy tone
  • 29% of women answered “twinkling lights” as their second favorite mood setter
  • 20% of men on the other hand found holiday music to be a mood setter,so crank up the Barry White Christmas album, ladies!

What kills the holiday dating mood?

Though you may have a place for the seasonal beverage in your heart, there’s nothing that kills a holiday mood like Eggnog:

  • Both men and women answered that Eggnog is the least romantic drink for the holidays!

Save the ‘nog for time spent with family and friends; when ordering a drink on a sexy date, stick with a warm apple cider or a modest glass of wine.

What are some sexy seasonal date ideas?

When it comes to planning a holiday-inspired date, there is one activity both men and women enjoy more than any other:

  • Go on a sleigh or carriage ride: the classic, nostalgic feel of the horse-drawn carriage for a holiday date can make even the frostiest of snowmen melt.

A close second to the sleigh ride date was going to pick out a Christmas tree:

  • Both men and women found picking out a Christmas tree to be an appealing holiday date activity.

What holiday-inspired dates should you avoid?

There are some holiday dates to stay clear of as well.

  • 44% of men and women answered “Going to see the Nutcracker” was the worst holiday inspired date idea.
  • Ice skating came in second as the worst holiday date idea for both sexes (24%).

Though the ballet and the ice may be nice for your friends and family, plan a date where you’re able to converse more than at a performance.

What if you don’t have a date?

Even if you are taking a break from the hustle and bustle of dating this season, you can still get in the holiday mood as a single.

  • 55% of singles said they choose to put up a Christmas tree each year, irrespective of their relationship status.
  • 28% of women choose to send holiday cards to friends and family whether they’re in a relationship or not.
  • 32% of men buy a gift for themselves irrespective of their relationship status.

Regardless of your holiday dating agenda, ’tis the season to treat yourself right!

Do you agree with our members? Let us know your favorite holiday-inspired mood setters and date ideas below!

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