Featured Success Couple: Meredith and Collin

Oh, Match.com! You certainly changed our boring lives. 🙂

We lived 2 miles from one another, went to the same bars, same grocery store, same events, but never met. I’d like to think we would have met at some point, but Match certainly sped up the process. Like most people who decide to get married, we’re very much in love and cannot wait to spend the rest of our lives together! Life is good!

Match.com has been a big part of our lives. We met on Match, my mom met her husband on Match, Collin’s sister met her boyfriend on Match and a few of my best friends met their boyfriends on Match. There are a lot of dating sites, but Match.com seems to have the most real life success stories.

During the reception at my mom’s wedding, my older sister read my mom’s husband’s Match profile. It was hilarious! I wish I had printed out mine and Collin’s. If there’s any way to dig up that dirt, please let me know.

It’s been an easy, fun road with Collin. Whether we’re playing our beloved Scrabble, shredding the gnar in the beautiful Colorado mountains, playing coed ice hockey, gazing into each other’s eyes or taking our beef cake dog, Dozer, to the dog park, we’re always on the same page and having a great time. We’re best friends and truly in love.

Thanks for creating an algorithm that changed our lives!

  • Alberta

    I like that one .they have of true and love with one another and that says a lot with the both of them.i am the same way my.but they seem so happy. And that is what I want to see.

  • neoneva

    Congratulations!!!to all successful husband and wife now……Wish you more happiness to come in your everyday life…….From Aven Magtaas…….

    • Alberta

      I really love that one a lot .i would love to see that happen to me some day. romantic thing they are doing for each other and sweet.they are happy and smiling ,enjoying life.that is what is up.that is life.

  • I love this story so cute. Amazing how they lived so close and visited the same places. I am always amazed at how match brings people together.