Featured Success Couple: Lauren and Jesse

I sat down for an evening snack with my husband tonight. It’s been almost three months and it’s still feels pretty crazy to call him that. MY husband. So we’re having a snack and I notice the chocolate milk he is drinking. I hate chocolate milk. Jesse loves it. As much as I don’t like the stuff, it will forever remind me of the first things I liked about Jesse. I can’t remember his exact words, but his match.com profile mentioned something about still being an eight-year-old at heart, who still enjoys a glass of chocolate milk. Of course I wasn’t feeling him on the chocolate milk front, but I loved that he referred to himself as a child at heart. It might sound silly to most, but to me it’s what initially attracted me to him. The attraction continued and grew stronger after we exchanged several witty emails. It grew EVEN stronger after that first date, and it continues to grow today in how he constantly makes me laugh, and cherishes, loves, and protects me. He makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world. We owe it all to Match.

  • james downs

    Well I guess love depend on whos loving you back