Molly and Ed: Love is Still in the Air at 90 & 82

It’s never too late to find love! Just ask 90-year-old Molly Holder and 82-year-old Ed Nisbett who got married in June and are now enjoying a dream honeymoon, courtesy of Breezes Grand Negril Resort & Spa in Jamaica. The newlyweds met last November in what many might consider a modern day love story here on, and set an inspiring example for people of all ages that love may be just a few clicks away. You can read more about their love story here, and watch the video from their honeymoon below!

  • Alberta

    I am happy for the both of them and I see there is more for to come and that is good .you dont see mitting like that .and you ask yourself .i hope that one day that will be me someday.just like the both of them.they are so happy together wow what a feeling they are still hanging in there.have a good day .and I will talk to you later.”smile”

  • Rosalind

    How sweet. I thought I was too old at 68..Now I know there nis a chance

    • Alberta

      I love that they are still together .i would love to see more people that the young and old.and manybe that would happen to me.but the both of them will be great.happy endnest to the both of them.