Sadie Hawkins Day: Go Ahead, Ask Him Out!

Ladies, Sadie Hawkins Day is today, November 15th, so why not use this female-empowering holiday as an excuse to ask some lucky guy out? Sadie Hawkins is a day when gals are supposed to take the romantic initiative and invite a guy out on a date… so what are you waiting for?

Out of over 10,000 respondents in a Happen magazine poll, 42% said “of course they have asked a guy out– It’s the 21st century!” So it is time to join these courageous ladies and make that first move. Here are some tips:

  1. Size him up. The first step to successfully asking a guy out is to understand a little bit more about him so you know what kind of man you’re dealing with. Is he the cut-to-the-chase type? Does he respond to wit or humor? Knowing how the guy you’re interested in communicates can help you cater your big question to his personality.
  2. Invest some interest. Once you understand what kind of guy you’re dealing with, ask yourself- what do you two have in common? Try your best to figure out his passions– what does he seem excited about? Then, create a further connection by asking about it.
  3. Take the reigns. Men have pressure on them to ask women out almost 100% of the time- the average guy would be beyond flattered to receive an invitation of his own for once!

If you sparked some great conversation and learned about his interests, make the next move and ask him out! If he likes football, you could suggest going to the next local game together. If your conversation kept returning to food, why not ask him to join you at a cooking class? What do you have to lose?

Have you ever asked a guy out? Tell us in the comments below!

Article courtesy of Margot Carmichael Lester and Happen Magazine.

  • John F Martinez

    It sure would be nice to be asked out.

    Johnny M from Match dot com.

    • jovanna

      well y dont u ask dummie!!!

  • I am a single female. What line would you use to ask a male out?

    • jovanna

      just ask in a cute way

  • jovanna

    stupid just ask him out!! no wonder ur still single