Featured Success Story: Charlie and Faith

I had been previously married for 16 years and was dealt a devastating blow.  I used match for about a year and had been on plenty of dates but it seemed that I was spinning my wheels and hadn’t found that one special woman to share my life with. I was ready to cancel my subscription and decided to go on one last date thinking it would be fun, but wasn’t expecting a connection until I met Faith. After our first date I knew that we would be great friends and was hoping for more. Luckily for me she was thinking the same thing! We are mirror images of each other. I often tell people that she is the female version of me. Each day we fell more and more in love with each other.  I have never felt so loved and supported in my entire life. Faith is such a joy to be around and  I tell her that she is “my gift from God”. We were engaged after eight months of dating and married almost ten months to the day of our first date. I look forward to each new day with my beautiful bride and I hope everyone can experience the joy that I feel every day. She makes my heart feel easy.  Thank you match!!

  • “She makes my heart feel easy.” What an inspiration! That is what I intend to feel one day. Thanks for sharing your story Charlie!

    • Such a sweet story. Thanks for your comment Michelle!