11/11/11 – A day of Match.com wedded bliss!

Today’s date, often thought of as lucky or spiritual, only comes around once a century. These three Match.com couples, amongst many others, have decided to tie the knot on this special day. Read their stories below.

“A Musical Match!” by Michelle and Daniel, Longwood, Florida

After about a month of communication and many missed meeting opportunities, somehow, someway, the first moment we had free was…12.31.10, YES, New Year’s Eve!

Since then we’ve realized only the MOST optimistic people would ring in the New Year with a complete stranger! Thankfully, we both took that leap of faith.

Our wedding day, 11.11.11, is quite a significant number to us. We have been together since 1.1.11, and see all sorts of 1’s floating around everywhere we go; addresses, phone numbers, chapters of a book, the time of day, etc…Dan even chose the date 7.11.11 to propose (not accidental!). The number 1 is a symbol of unity, purity, and positivity and is also a Heavenly number signifying God. Lightning literally struck during an outdoor kiss in January! No other lightning happened before or after that strike. All of these we take as signs from God that this is it, each of us has literally found, The One!

“We always smile and tell them Match.com!” by Holly and Amanda, Slidell, Louisiana

Holly and I met on match and everyday can’t believe how lucky we are to have found each other. Honestly we never would have met if it wasn’t for this site. We met in person a few weeks after meeting on match. We already knew each other from chatting and honestly it helped to break the ice when we finally met face to face. Its was amazing, and everything we knew we had been looking for. Your site honestly is the only place same sex individuals can meet and have a expectation of a relationship. We moved in together and haven’t looked back. We have four dogs and have bought our own place together. I recently proposed in April and in true Holly fashion she started planning right away. We are going to be married 11.11.11 and now thanks to “Don’t ask don’t tell” being removed I will be in uniform at my wedding with no worries. I love having people ask how did you two meet. We always smile and look at each other and tell them match.com. The reaction is always the same. “Really?” We always recommend your site to anyone who is looking for a relationship with substance.

“Met on 1/11/11, Married on 11/11/11!” by Patty and Steve, Tallahassee, Florida

We met online on January 9th and had our first date on January 11th. It seemed right from the start that we were meant to be together. We come from two different places (NJ and MS) but yet we have so much in common. We both met each other’s families and everyone was so sweet and loving it just added to the perfect match we had! We got engaged in August while visiting his family in Mississippi and could not wait to set our wedding date! Since we met on 1.11.11 we decided to get married on 11.11.11!! Our families will be here with us to celebrate our ceremony and we could not be happier!! Who would have thought we’d both meet the love our lives on Match.com!!?? We are so happy with our new Harleys that we got, with our children and grandchildren and can’t wait to be together!! Thanks Match!!