Featured Success Couple: Becky and Marshall

Because I had been single for several years, I was encouraged by one of my friends to give Match a “go” (I am a 55-year-old grandmother, for crying out loud). I had only been a member for 5 days when one my girlfriends (she was also on Match at the time) noticed Marshall’s picture, read his profile and we both agreed that he had “possibilities”. We both sent him a “wink” (we’re both a little devious) to see to whom he would respond.

After several days, neither of us had heard from him. I, being a little competitive decided to send him an e-mail. I briefly introduced myself, told him that I had “winked” at him earlier, proceeded to tell him that I was both aggressive and obnoxious and that I fully expected him to respond to my “wink” (actually, all I really wanted was to hear from him before my girlfriend did thus, winning our little contest). He responded to my e-mail and did apologize for the delay and explained that he had been traveling for the past week and had erroneously deleted my previous “wink” (yeah, right I thought…).

We continued to correspond via email and soon via the phone. He seemed nice, and gentlemanly and explained that he was a sales representative and was frequently in my area. He suggested that we could possibly meet sometime for lunch or dinner and asked if I would be interested. I agreed and I asked him if he would like to meet this particular weekend, and he advised me that he already had “plans” for Friday. I then asked him about Saturday and he reluctantly told me he already had “plans” for Saturday as well. (quite the busy little boy, I thought). For whatever the reason, I asked him about Sunday and he then told me that he had plans for lunch, but was going to be in my area (about 2.5 hrs. from his home) and would be happy to meet me sometime later that afternoon. I could not help but ask him, “What are you some kind of a rock star”? He just laughed and said no, but because of Match, he was “on a roll”! We both found the humor in the situation and agreed to meet later that Sunday afternoon (after his 3rd date of the weekend!!). We spent the afternoon on the beach, had dinner and really enjoyed each other’s company.

A few days later, Mr. “Rockstar” called me and said that he would once again be in my area again for business (yeah, right) and would like to see me if I was free. We spent that weekend on the beach, learning more about each other, our children, etc. and both realized that we were a Match, indeed.

Since that first date we became inseparable, traveling to each other every weekend. Our interest quickly turned to attraction and eventually into true love. Last May, Marshall took me to the beach (to the exact spot of our first date), knelt upon bended knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I gladly accepted! We were married on the beach witnessed by our children, our parents and our closest friends.

After our marriage, we thought it would be fun to put together a slide show (with music) from all the pictures that were taken and give it to all of our friends and family. After creating the slide show, one of our friends pointed out how ironic it was that we had selected Natalie Cole’s hit, “This will Be”, which is, of course, the old “Match” theme song! This was truly unintentional but yet, so meaningful to us both.

Our life together has been nothing short of spectacular and so fulfilling. All of this joy and happiness is due to a chance meeting on “Match.”

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