Featured Success Couple: Briana, From Our Radio Commercials, and Her Husband Adam

A few weeks ago, the marketing team at Match.com emailed me.  They had seen my success story and wanted to know if I’d be interested in sharing it in a radio commercial. For those who know me, as a Match.com success story, Broadway actress, and real-life online dating coach, they know I’ll talk about the advantages of online dating to pretty much anyone, anywhere.  Subway platforms, in line at the deli, a beer garden in Brooklyn… wherever I hear questions or doubt about online dating in a stranger’s voice, I swing into action.  Eavesdropping?  Nah. I’m the Zorro of online dating.  I believe in it.  So when Match reached out to me, it made perfect sense for me to continue my regular praise for Match, this time a little more publically- on the air.

My husband (yes, husband!) and I met on Match.com over two years ago. In fact, the radio interview for the commercial fell a few days shy of our 6-month wedding anniversary.  As I chatted amiably in the Plexiglas sound booth about the first moment I laid eyes on Adam, I remembered back on the year of online dating that led to meeting him.  Over the course of average dates, I eventually learned to ask for what I wanted in my profile, without apology.  In my mind, I became a “success story” the day I figured out that I deserved to be loved just as I am.

Finding Adam took time, but I finally reaped the ultimate reward: I was myself.  And someone amazing loved me for it.   Talking about Match for the radio spot, made me realize that even someone like me, who’s a relationship coach, can use a little assistance defining what they want and going for it! I’m so thankful to having found Match and then having the opportunity to share my incredible experience on the radio.

Briana is an online dating profile coach- check out her website here! 

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