Featured Success Couple: Brandy and Lance

After going through a divorce in 2007 I joined match.com where I met a great guy. We got engaged, and then our lives took a turn for the worst- he was tragically killed a year later. My world was turned upside down, but after a year of grieving, my friends encouraged me to give match.com another try. After all, I was successful before!

My profile was very specific and wordy, but that prevented me from wasting anyone’s time. I went on a few dates, but didn’t feel right about them. Lance was 38 and never married, so he was ready to settle down and find the right woman to marry.

I was up front and honest about what I was looking for in a mate, so people respected that about me. I also am strong in my faith, so I made sure my profile reflected that as well.

Lance sent me a message first, and after a few messages we started talking on the phone. We went on our first date within a week. I was careful who I let me kids meet. We planned our first date the following Thursday but decided to meet that Wednesday after church. I hesitated because I had my children with me, and he had his son. But I felt safe about the situation. Our kids (and we) hit it off right away. We met at a Mexican restaurant for dinner. The next day, we had a picnic for lunch where we were able to visit. We had such a nice time, and when I dropped him back off at work a coworker ran outside to meet me! We saw each other almost every day that week and ever since!

He took me to meet his mom in Arkansas for Thanksgiving and to an LSU game. On the way back to Louisiana he asked me to marry him! I was surprised and excited. We had only been dating a couple months. We got married 3 weeks later in a private intimate ceremony at the Ritz Carlton hotel in New Orleans.

We love each other and are so thankful for Match.com and to God for allowing me another chance at love, and for this dream come true!