Featured Success Couple: Jackie and Patrick

Patrick and I have a pretty unique story. Back in Nov of 2010, Patrick and I connected on Match, but it took Patrick and I 10 months to finally meet in person. We often joke that we have the modern day, war-time love story. When we began talking, Patrick was stationed in Afghanistan working for the US Air Force, and I was living in Denton, Texas.

We were a half a world apart, and yet we made it a point to talk every day for several hours. Due to the time difference, Patrick got to end each of his days on the same perfect note that I started mine on.

A few months after we’d begun talking, my work schedule changed and our chats became less frequent. I began seeing a man I’d met locally, and Patrick got back in touch with a woman he’d known from back in Louisiana. We were happy for one another, but after a few months of doing our own things we ended up cutting ties completely. This was March 2011.

Over the next several weeks I kept Patrick heavy on my heart, often praying for his safety. It turns out, I was also deep in his thoughts and wondering what I was up to, as he had recently ended the relationship he was in.

On May 16th both of our worlds took a pretty significant turn. That evening I found out that the man I’d been seeing had been unfaithful to me. As it turns out, on that very same day, Patrick was wounded while on patrol in Afghanistan and was beginning his long journey back to Texas.

On May 25th, I reinstated my Match membership, hoping to give it another shot. I stayed on for a few weeks, but decided to give it a break for a bit. I went to cancel my membership, but somehow didn’t submit it. Probably the best bit of “bad luck” I’ve ever had.

A few short days later, Patrick received word that his Mother in Louisiana had suffered a stroke and he started the process of getting back home to be at her side. While there, Patrick decided to give Match one more shot. He signed up on July 9th and when he logged back in, the most recent activity he saw was when I had favorited him 9 months before. He thought “surely she’s not still on here” and clicked my name. Not only was I still a member, I was “Online Now!”.

Patrick quickly messaged me, and when I received his note, I messaged him saying I’d hoped he was doing well and had made it home safe. I, at this point, was unaware of where he was, or that he’d come home early. He told me about his trip home and we agreed to meet up for dinner.

On July 13, after 9 months of friendship, we met in person for the first time. That night we had to ask the waiter at least 20 times to come back to take our order later. He was just as charming and sweet as I’d expected him to be, and he says I was just as beautiful as he’d remembered from my photos.

Patrick and I have been dating now for 3 months, even though we are approaching a year of knowing one another.

When we reflect on our history together, the sheer serendipity of it all often leaves us speechless. We count our blessings daily, and thank God for helping us find one another. Match was there to bridge the 7,800-mile gap. A year ago I met one of my best friends. 3 Months ago I met the love of my life. A girl can’t really ask for much more.

  • Scubed

    Thanks for sharing and thanks for serving, Patrick!

  • Modern day war love story, indeed!

    I read that tale from beginning to end guys and I really feel that this is the perfect example of fate placing it’s hand on the lives of two beautiful, young people!

    Your story is an inspiration and I thank you for sharing it.