Whitney Casey's Tips on the Tipsy: Drinking on the first date

You want to seem like yourself, but you want to feel relaxed on a first date- they can be nerve-wracking! So should you order an adult drink, or stick with water on the rocks? On our Facebook page, we asked “Yes or no- do you drink on a first date?” Overwhelmingly, our fans answered yes- so here are some tips on drinking alcohol tastefully on a first date from our relationship expert, Whitney Casey.

Keep your drinks chic: When at a cocktail lounge (not a bar), don’t order a beer. This is a place for cocktails or champagne. Think vodka and mixers at a classy joint.

Brews with the boys: When at a sports bar, don’t order the aforementioned cocktail… stick with a beer. Out of over 3000 respondents on Match.com, the majority said they choose to enjoy a casual beer while on a date, so you’re in good company if you’re a brew lover. Also, wine can be seen as a high maintenance or snooty drink at this venue.

Wine while you dine: Wine came in second place for favorite drink on a date, especially on a dinner date. Splitting a bottle of wine on a date is romantic, but be sure to consult with your date on whether they prefer red or white more. On a first date, it’s probably best to stick with white wine as the red can stain your lips & teeth rather unpleasantly.

Say no to “sloppy”: Know your “I’m feeling comfortable and put together” vs. “I’m sloppy drunk” limits. Two drinks should be a max for any first date!

Fear of tears? No one likes drama served with their drinks. If you get aggressive or overly emotional when you drink, it is best to stick with water on a date. Know your behavior!

It takes two to Tanqueray: Make it a rule of thumb to not drink alone. If your date isn’t drinking- for whatever reason- just this once, take a break!

Tell us, do you typically order alcohol on a first date, or do you stick to the sober? Tell us in the comments below.