Featured Success Couple: Nicole and Michael

My name is Nicki and I would like to tell you an amazing Match.com story. I work in a quaint little town in Michigan called Clawson. Our family barbershop is called TRIM Barber house. I work with about 10 or so other woman, then two guys Devon and Delano and the owner Dan. We are all pretty close to each other and try to help each other in our lives and relationships. In our single and dating times, we have tried so many different approaches and the last thing we wanted to do is date our customers- not good for business. So one at time, four of us, (including Dan the owner) decided to try Match.com. I believe we all signed up for the three-month plan.

I would like you to know three out of the four of us got married this year and the other is planning an engagement real soon. Now the topper of this, not only did we get married but we are all expecting babies next year. We love to tell this story because of finding our true loves through your website and now we get to experience that and having a family start or grow.

For me, Nicki, when I met Mike I knew once he walked in the coffee shop. Something just told me right away that he was going to be my best friend and boyfriend. We dated for a bit and we both knew and felt it so we started talking about a future together. We married August 2, 2011 and our child will be born in March or April of next year. I am so happy to tell you this story and I know the others would love to share theirs as well.

If this story is of interest to you and would like to know more we would be happy to share it. Thanks Match.com!


Nicki and Mike, Dan and Kelly, Amy and Jeff, Marcella and Steve!

  • sharon

    Those are great stories! Congrats to ya’ll!! I only WISH “I” could have such luck…)~, _~(…! How LONG tho, did it take all of you after being on match? I’ve been on almost a year & got dissed by every one who i’ve even just spoke with for a month, some a little longer, due to work, but, i knOw the saying goes, “then they’re jUst not that into you”! BUT the few who seemed sooo into meeting, kept putting it off, 1 even said he went back to his PHYSCHO GF, (I THINK he really expected me to believe that!!) “IDiot”! After wasting 3-4 fun months , although only texting & a call, i asked are we ever gonna meet? if not, bye. Oh yeah, “UR the scared one lol” he says. Everytime i tried to meet’m something came up, so, who i FELT might’ve been fun & cool, strung me along then dissed me with a lie! LIKE I’M A MORON not to fiqure it out!? ha! ANY advice? lol