Whitney Casey's Girls Guide to Monday Night Football

For a single guy, having a girlfriend is good. Watching Monday Night Football is good. But watching football with your girlfriend? Not always so good–according to some men. I’m Whitney Casey, Match.com‘s relationship expert, and I’m here to ensure you don’t fumble during a game-watching date with your man, whether it’s during Monday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday or Sunday Night Football. Yep, there is that much football to be watched!

So here’s the perfect xo-xo game plan for you ladies during any NFL game on how to watch football with your man- without getting punted.


1. ‘Just the facts ma’am’

Don’t be a know-it-all. Let him impress you with his mastery of minutia.

Tip: Stick to a few basic facts: The game flow is four 15-minute quarters, “field goals” are worth 3-points, “touchdowns” are worth 6-points, with an opportunity to gain another point with a field goal kick. Quarterbacks throw the football to either the wide receivers, or hand it off to the running backs. The teams have four chances to gain 10 yards; otherwise it is punted to the other team.

2. Let him know it’s, ‘Go Team Go’

His money could be riding on this game. Rooting for your man’s opponents will sideline you, not to mentions it’s just plain obnoxious.

Tip: Know who your man is gunning for, which team he has money on and cheer for his team. Whichever side you root for, you’re still cheering for men in tight pants. It’s a win-win.

3. Halftime isn’t your time

This could be his time to place more bets on the game (there are endless options available to him).

Tip: Help fill the chip bowl and don’t bash his team if they’re under. Enjoy the moment, too!

4. Nourishment needed

Gridiron gourmet is a waste of time and effort. Fancy foods cause fumbles. Fruits, veggies, nuts and berries aren’t game.

Tip: Provide anything that is fried and can be dipped or dunked in sauce. Make sure there is plenty of beer.

5. Fashion flag on the play

Men can paint their chests and faces or wear their team jerseys with matching hats but don’t go there.

Tip: Use the term, “KISS,” when it comes to fashion. Keep It Simple Sistah! Don a cute T and hat. A football watching party isn’t time to bust out your belt-bling, matching earrings and pigskin handbags.

6. Don’t hate the playah, or the game

He may be grumpy or irritable if his team starts losing. Respect this. Give him some space and recovery time. He is emotionally involved. He can be both exhilarated and exhausted in the same quarter.

Guys- would you rather your girlfriend be a football fan? Gals- Do you watch football with your guy? Tell us in the comments below.

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  • Great tips Whitney. I look forward to sharing these.

  • Carol

    Whitney I’ve really never totally understood football, but my bo is good at helping me understand it better…it is only bad when our teams play against each other ..:(

  • Liz

    You forgot to mention not to try too hard to look like you care about the game when really don’t. Guys see right through it and while they should probably appreciate it, they often find it patronizing.

  • Sarah

    Join a (different) fantasy league. It’s really nit that hard to follow and it allows you to understand and get to know more players and the game. You will have a vested interest.

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  • There are some great tips amongst these, Whitney. I’d suggest to girls out there not to feel as if you need to be the maid during the game; grab him a beer if you feel like it but just because you’re not THAT into the game doesn’t mean you’re the designated refridgerator runner! 😛