Featured Success Couple: Kenneth and Latoya

Thank GOD for the internet!! I was sitting at home, alone, many nights…well, I had a roommate at the time, so I wasn’t completely alone. This loneliness-well, I forced it upon myself. I was ready to date, but not ready for anymore serious relationships. I decided to join this website called MATCH.com. I figured it would be convenient to look for dates online. I used the service for a few months, went out on some weird dates, but it wasn’t too bad. One day I received a wink (a form of contact on match.com) from a random girl. My first glance at the picture, I thought, “Okay weird way to take a picture.” She took a picture of herself, but it was super close-up and made her head look really big, but I could still see some cuteness. I saved the profile and went about my business.
I went out on a few more horrid dates; even met a girl who threatened me, because I didn’t return her phone calls. I decided to give “close-up picture face girl” a try. A month later I sent her a message. She replied almost immediately saying she had ONE day left in her THREE day trial and could she instant message me. We spoke over instant messaging for a while. The conversation was easy and familiar. We exchanged numbers and the next day she sent a text asking if I wanted to go running. URRRR???? Running?? For a first meeting? I said, “Sure”, knowing darn well I was recovering from a bronchial infection. I was afraid I would fall out with a coughing attack and she would think, “This guy is WEAK”.

We met at the track on MSU’s campus. It was an indoor track. I pulled up after her. We got out and saw each other for the first time. She was cute in person, really cute too, and we were dressed down, REALLY down. I love a woman who can lounge with no make-up, hair up in a ponytail, in pajamas and still get my…and still rouse my intellect 🙂

We went inside and began jogging. We had a cool conversation, relaxed. She was really laid back and easy to talk to. I felt like I knew this girl already. She was a Doctorate student, so I had my negative expectations. I thought her head would be even bigger than it was (LOVE YOU), I thought she would talk about boring subjects that meant nothing in everyday life, and I thought she would have a dorky lisp. She had none of the above. It was a good run and good conversation. I definitely wanted to see her again.

The next date was an outdoor professional-sized track. This date was more loose and silly. I felt so comfortable around her it was insane. I never felt like I had to hold back certain qualities or make up fake qualities. I never felt uneasy. She was a wonderful person and I could sense that.
Our official date in regular clothes was a lunch date. I saw her in regular clothes for the first time. Now I don’t remember exactly what she had on, all I can say it was a blouse and pants, with nice curves. Once I saw the curves…man you have to understand we were wearing jogging pants and t-shirts. The lunch was wonderful. We talked and talked and I just felt like I don’t want this feeling to go away. I felt so comfortable. I just wanted to be around her. After that lunch, it was a done deal.

Even though its only been 3 years, I feel like I’ve been with Latoya for so long. I feel like we were together, even when neither one of us knew of the other’s existence. She’s seen my good, my bad, my highs and my lows and she’s still here. She is apart of me now and I her. It’s a beautiful feeling and also a scary one, because we now have something to lose, but I digress. Here we are two goofballs together. Finally.

  • Hey guys! You didn’t mention anything about tying the knot!when is that? Your story is so amazing. Good luck and many happy moments together. God bless you guys!