Featured Success Couple: Brittany and Ryan

Ryan and Brittany’s story begins in a little place called the internet! That’s right; you can thank Match.com for bringing these two love birds together. For those of you who know Ryan, you know that he is very meticulous when it comes to the decision making process. Match.com was no exception. Here is their story from Ryan’s perspective:

“I was clicking through several pictures and profiles, until I came across “BrittanyPaige1″. Her profile really caught my attention. At least on paper we seemed to be on the same wavelength about the most important aspects of life. So I decided to send her a wink* – winking is a free option for nonmembers – and see if she would respond.”

“The next day, I saw that I had received a message, but since I was a nonmember I could not see who it was from. I thought to myself, ‘It could be her…. but what if it’s not.’ ”

Ever the economist, Ryan deliberated on what to do:

“Do I pay for the Match.com guarantee at love or not?”

So Ryan put his credit card number in; and he backed it out. He put it in again; and backed it out. After doing this several times, he finally bit the bullet and entered the 15 digit number that, unbeknownst to him, would change his life forever.

In case you haven’t guessed, it was BrittanyPaige1 who responded!

It didn’t take long for Ryan and Brittany to realize they were a “Match”. The more they talked, the more they learned, and the more they loved; and on Thanksgiving Day 2010, Ryan Kent Mammen asked for Brittany Paige Dykes’ hand in marriage – and she said yes!

The pilot has found his co-pilot; and there is no doubt it will be a fun and interesting journey!