Top 10 Cities for Singles Summer Travel by and Travelocity

If your travel plans this summer happen to include finding that special someone, you should be looking to book a vacay in the city this summer. teamed up with our travel expert friends at Travelocity to see where all the single ladies and gents were traveling this summer, and found cities are the sizzling spot!

“From East Coast to West and many places in between, single travelers are overwhelmingly choosing cities as their preferred vacation destinations this summer,” said Genevieve Shaw Brown, Editorial Director at Travelocity. Relationship Insider, Whitney Casey added, “When it comes to summer travel, singles are looking to meet eligible bachelors and bachelorettes.”

Here are the Top 10 cities where singles are traveling to this summer:

1. Las Vegas

It’s probably no surprise that Sin City comes in at the number-one destination for singles this summer: You could spend all your time gambling but don’t miss out on the red-hot pool scene full of singles, for which Las Vegas hotels are famous.

2. New York City
Though the city is hot this time of year, so are the people. Pack a picnic for Central Park and feast your eyes on all the sunbathers, or spend the day people watching from a sidewalk café.

3. Los Angeles
There’s more to Los Angeles than celebrities… there are also many aspiring celebrities. Because of the city’s sprawl, you’ll have to decide in advance for what kind of mate you’re looking. If it’s the surfer type, Los Angeles hotels in Santa Monica are where you want to stay.

4. Seattle
This Washington city is famous for rain, coffee and the grunge rock movement, but for singles looking for love, it also helps to have a love of the outdoors. From kayaking to hiking and mountain biking, there are plenty of activities to find an adventurous type.

5. San Francisco
The City by the Bay is known for its many outlandish residents, so if you’re looking for the cookie-cutter type, this probably isn’t the place for you. If, however, you love free thinkers, abundant restaurants specializing in locally grown food and cultural attractions galore, San Francisco vacation packages are ideal.

6. Washington, D.C.
If you’re a sucker for a man — or gal — in a suit, this is the place for you. Though the city has a fantastic arts scene, the majority of people you’re likely to meet work for the government and will sport the buttoned-up look, at least during the workweek. Be sure to hit up happy hour, the time when D.C bars are most likely to be filled with young professionals.

7. Denver
If your soul mate is someone more likely found on a hiking trail than on a bar stool, choose the Denver area for your summer escape. Though famous for skiing, ask any local why they chose the nearby mountains as their home and they’re likely to say it’s because if the incredible summers and hiking, biking, golf and rafting opportunities they offer.

8. Chicago
The Midwest may not be famous for its beaches, but it just so happens to be home to one of the loveliest – and largest – lakes in the land. And it’s on the shores of Lake Michigan where you’re likely to find Windy City singles this summer, bronzing their bods on Oak Street Beach.

9. Boston
Come summer, all those college kids head home and the median age of the city rises, especially with the influx of tourists. If you’re looking for a love in their low-to-mid twenties, stake out the bars in the Faneuil Hall area; for a slightly more mature crowd with deeper pockets, set up shop in Back Bay.

10. San Diego
If it’s surprising that the home of a famous whale and a world-famous zoo is also a hotbed for single travelers, maybe it shouldn’t be. With some of the world’s loveliest weather and 70 miles of beautiful beaches on which to enjoy it, perhaps it’s no surprise San Diego vacation packages  are popular with every kind of traveler.

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