Featured Success Couple: Gary and Julie

I met my wife on Match.com. We are pretty much opposites, on the outside, yet we complement each other so perfectly that we have an unbreakable bond.
She did school most of her life college etc. and has a very busy schedule with work. She is reserved and more future minded, not really the going out type. I took my GED and have been the go out every night, outgoing, take off for a few weeks on a spur of the moment vacation, crazy construction worker type. Our paths would have NEVER crossed.

About 4 years ago I was done meeting shallow girls at bars and wanted something real. After a couple of dates with my now wife (still can’t believe it) I just knew that she was the one. She is my best friend and there is no one on this planet that I would rather spend my time with then her. I enjoy making new memories with her; we truly are one person now. She has made me understand the importance of future planning, and I have made her understand the importance of being spontaneous at times. We now have a balance that is amazing…

Did I mention that she is my BEST friend :)?

  • martin

    put the full names of the persons

  • joy

    I met someone on match last Dec. 2010, and since then we been communicating through email and sometimes on the phone, reason why because he he work out of the country, we introduced our self to each other by email, but since the we develop our feelings to each other, so now were commumited, we love each other and now we both happy, we are planning to get maried soon.

    • I was so confused about what to buy, but this makes it udneratsndable.

  • Gary

    Great looking couple!