Featured Success Couple: Jenny and Bryan

Both of us were divorced and lived in pretty remote areas (as well as about 90 miles apart). Finding someone we were interested in where we lived was NOT an option, so we decided to go the online route.  We are both pretty picky, so I don’t think either of us had great hopes.

Bryan found me by browsing profiles, and sent me a message.  Now, I am a veterinarian, and my profile picture was of me with my Squishycat, who was my furry soul mate, and had been my love and support through 16 years of life and a rough divorce.  She had been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer and kidney failure, was going through chemo like a champ, and I am convinced she was not going to leave me until she knew I had found someone who loved me. Bryan’s first contact with me happened to mention that he was allergic to cats and did not like them. My response to him was, I’m afraid, not overly warm…

(I think I asked him what possessed him to contact a vet with a cat in her picture if he didn’t like cats, told him cats were not optional in my life, and said not to bother.)

But, Bryan politely persisted, and we finally met for a date.  He has a small plane, so he flew to meet me and took me up on a gorgeous flight over Atlanta. At the last second before he flew back, I made a decision and kissed him.  According to him, this is what convinced him to keep pursuing me 🙂

After several aborted attempts at a second date, Bryan made me an offer that I couldn’t refuse.  Knowing from my profile that I loved New Orleans, he offered to fly us over for dinner and an evening in the French Quarter.  I only had one problem: my cat had to be medicated several times a day, had a prognosis of 2 months to live, and there was no way I was going to leave her. So, this wonderful man who was not a cat fan offered to fly her with us to NOLA.  The night was fantastic, and I think both of us knew quickly that it was meant to be.

We were engaged four months later, and got married in April on my birthday, on a balcony overlooking Bourbon Street.  We are truly happier than either of us thought we ever could be. Thank you Match!

PS… Bryan is no longer allergic to cats…

  • Alana Duval

    I have recently met someone on Match and hope I have the same success that you are experiencing. By the way I live just about 75 miles west of New Orleans and he lives in Lafayette, La.

  • Mary

    Gregg, too bad u have such a pessimistic outlook on this. Bald guys are hot, flying ur own plane means nothing about who u really are, and it’s obvious the two of them are very much in love and happy. Get over it and keep ur negative thoughts to yourself.

  • Bald Guy

    Good luck! I hope it works out.

    You sound like me right after my divorce. I can tell you that there is nothing worse than a bad marriage, but nothing better than a good one. btw, I didn’t have to worry about her motivation, because her Arabian horse farm is much more impressive than my old plane : )
    The bald guy.

  • Jenny

    I am sorry you are such a bitter person, but I sincerely hope that you meet the wonderful person who will change your outlook. I certainly did.

    By the way…re-read the story. I am a veterinarian. That means “doctor.” I have a great career, and definitely don’t need a man to support me.

    Oh…and I think my “bald guy” happens to be the hottest man I’ve ever met 🙂


  • That is a such a sweet story. I guess you should really give anyone a chance because you never know.