The Top 5 Cities to Find The Single Dad for You

With Father’s Day just around the corner, at we are celebrating the single dad. Recognizing that not all men are alike, nor are the qualities that attract women to them, we looked at a variety of different types of single fathers — from the Foodie Dad to the Do-it-Yourself Dad and the beloved Sports-Crazed Dad — to pinpoint the top locations where every woman’s ideal type of single father can be found in three popular categories.

For those in search of a man who can whip up a 5-star dinner in his very own kitchen, the top 5 cities for a Foodie Dad are:

  1. Scottsdale, AZ
  2. Seattle, WA
  3. San Francisco, CA
  4. Portland,  OR
  5. Boise,  ID

Looking for a man to finally build you that dream closet you’ve always wanted? The top 5 cities for the Do-it-Yourself Dad are:

  1. Spokane, WA
  2. Boise, ID
  3. Sarasota, FL
  4. Vancouver, WA
  5. Toledo, OH

On the hunt for a guy who loves your favorite sports team as much as you do? The top 5 cities for the Sports- Crazed Dad are:

  1. Chandler, AZ
  2. Scottsdale, AZ
  3. Milwaukee, WI
  4. Henderson, NV
  5. Charlotte, NC

We also examined the membership and communication patterns of single dads, illuminating new insights about their dating patterns. Highlights of the findings include:

  • 30% of male subscribers on are single dads.
  • Single dads of all ages are 46% more likely to meet someone on versus men without children.
  • Single dads are morning users – typically logging on over a cup of coffee between 6:00 AM and 9:00 AM more often than the average male member.
  • Single dads are 56% more likely to email single moms than men without children.
  • 68% of single dads wait at least 3 months before introducing someone they met on to their kids, and 26% will wait 6 months or more to do so.

So there you have it, the single dad facts. Let us know in the comments below if your thoughts on the single dads of!

  • Great article. However at – we have found that many single women prefer men that have children not living in the home.

  • This is interesting. What would be more fun to know – how many never before married vs divorced woman are hooking up / dating / are single parents themselves.

  • Jennifer

    Interesting. As a single mom on I found it has been easier to make connections with men without children. Most of the single dads I have met have a lot of emotional baggage and I have found it difficult to forge any type of relationship.

    • Sarah B

      That’s because you are looking to get laid. The “emotional baggage” you are referring to is call “kids”. Don’t look for single dads with kids and you will be fine.

  • Gregg

    So, They just like the women then, they had emotional baggage,and could not form a relationship because they would not stop being a player.

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  • Love the statistics.
    I’m not a single dad, but I think dating one for a woman would be a real challenge.
    The best thing in my opinion for women is to look for a guy who has no attachments and who is ready to have fun.
    Single dads will probably say no to a lot of things, especially when it’s concerned with going out and MONEY issues.
    This is my opinion.

  • Hey Matchuptodate,
    Thanks for that, Single dads have a hard time. For one, we have to fight the social stigma of all the deadbeat dads who have made it hard for the rest of us to get the appreciation we deserve. Second, even though there have been many breakthroughs, society still favors the mother over the father in most custodial situations. And third, you have to deal with the transition that goes along with any single parent trying to adjust to a new life.
    All the Best