Featured Success Couple: Rodd and Sloane

Sloane and I met for the first time in the middle of October, by December we were engaged and we got married in March. I’m 28 years old and have been in several relationships that went nowhere. Never in a million years did I hope to find someone who makes me as completely happy as she does.

It’s almost as if somehow we share the same soul. We are compatible on every single level in life and often time communicate thoroughly without even saying a word. I don’t expect everyone to find what we found, I think fate just wanted us together. We both grew up in a fairly large suburban area. My mom taught her in grade school and she went to high school with my younger brother. Despite those occurrences we had still not met until our communication through match.com even though it seems fate had tried to bring us together. I am more in love with this individual than I ever thought I could be. She inspires me to love exactly the way I always knew I could and wanted to love someone. She has the most beautiful heart and soul I have ever come across and I can’t fathom my life without her in my future.