Featured Success Couple: Amanda and Geoff

I unknowingly met Geoff months prior to our first match email. I had seen him at the gym I train at and said, “Wow, that man is gorgeous” and I’d even tried to get close to him while training, to no avail.

Three months later, I decided to get on Match.com because it was offering a free 3 day trial. Of all the emails I received in my inbox, only Geoff stood out to me. We started messaging and I quickly realized he was “that guy” I had seen at the gym. A little nervous, we spoke at the gym for the first time that night. From there, we started texting nonstop, talked on the phone for hours as if we were back in middle school, and were literally inseparable.

He is a true gentleman and we complement each other perfectly. I had emailed my close friends and family the first week that we met and said, “Mark my words, I am going to marry him. And here we are today, happily married! We truly believe we’d have never met if it had not been for match. Geoff would never have said something to me at the gym as it seems too cliché. And I wasn’t going to approach a man working out while I was training clients. This was the best decision I have made yet!