Featured Success Couple: Patricia and John

I moved to Sacramento from Boston in 2004, and I was anxious to meet new people. While I made a lot of great girl friends, I had a difficult time dating someone for more than a month or so. The bar scene wasn’t working out, and since I’m a teacher, the school scene wasn’t working either! After encouragement from a friend, I decided to try match.com, and I stayed on for about 4 months.

I had actually decided to stop trying to “find” the right person after reading a few books about relationships, and so it was by pure chance that I clicked on John’s profile (yes, I was the one who clicked). I’m 5’7″ and Catholic, and so the real reason I decided to click on John was because his profile said that he was Catholic, but also 6’4′! This was a total plus for me!

John and I talked for a week on the phone and through email before setting up our first date. We went to a local Italian restaurant on a Saturday night, right down the street from the house that we bought (and where we currently live)! It was a great dinner, although John was nervous, so he refused to look at me. Everything turned out ok, though, because date number two happened the following Monday!

After John and I began dating through match.com, we quickly realized that we had a LOT in common. We were both teachers who graduated from Catholic (Jesuit) Universities, and we both liked the Boston Celtics! We made our relationship “official” in June after dating for a month, and we dated for about two years until John popped the question.

Since I am a teacher, John decided to propose in my classroom on March 10, 2010. I was shocked! He did it in the morning, at the beginning of the school day, while my students were watching! I was so surprised that I just started crying. He was so nervous that he never actually asked me to marry him, but of course I said yes!

We got married on June 26, 2010, in Clinton, Massachusetts, which is the small town where I’m from. It was a perfect day, filled with family, friends, and lots of fun! I feel so lucky to have met my perfect match, and I certainly owe it to match.com, which helped me do that!