Featured Success Couple: Chris and Monique

Christopher and I were meant from the very beginning. Being the persistent, yet gentle man that he is, he pursued me for nearly 5 months before getting the first date. It was December 2006 when Christopher first came across my profile. Christopher reminiscences the moment he found me on Match:

“I recall the first time I saw Monique on Match. Her beauty was undeniable, but the thing that drew me the most was the way she expressed herself. Unlike the litany of other people on there, Mo wasn’t just describing a laundry list of qualities and interests; you could actually tell that she had a real style. I was intrigued from the start.”

Intrigued he was, indeed. At first glance, I saw on his profile that he lived 50 miles from me, and I dismissed him. That surely wasn’t the end though. February 2007 rolled around, and I was still on Match. According to Christopher, I was still “single,” so he messaged me once me. We exchanged a few emails, became Myspace friends, and left it at that. By April 2007, I was still “single” according to my MySpace page. Christopher and I communicated through Myspace, had our first conversation (at 2am and lasting 2+ hours), and eventually planned our first date for May 4th, 2007.

After our first date, we were absolutely hooked. That summer we traveled to Europe. A first of MANY. It was the first time I traveled abroad and the first time Christopher even considered vacationing with a female. After spending two weeks wandering the European streets and still being absolutely enamored with each other, it confirmed what we knew for months. We were meant.

Christopher proposed February 14th, 2007 and we are well into planning our wedding celebration for June 2010. One of the easiest parts of our relationship is the fact that it is so easy. Christopher and I joke about how we are two peas in a pod. We are very much alike, and in the ways that we are different, we complement each other so wonderfully. We have shared some amazing memories over the last few years, and absolutely cannot wait to begin the next chapter of our life together. Christopher found me, and I will forever be thankful that he did!

Thank you Match!

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