Mother's Day Gift Ideas

You know the saying “If mama ain’t happy, nobody’s happy?” Make your single mom smile (so everyone can do the same!) with a clever and useful Mother’s Day gift. Whether you are in a long term relationship with a single mom or simply trying to woo one, has come up with some fool-proof gift ideas for you to indulge your lady with without breaking the bank.

  1. It’s all in the details: Car Detailing
    A car full of crumbled Cherios, spills from a ‘sippy’ cup, and sticky fingerprints on the window doesn’t really scream dating-diva like she deserves. Get her car detailed to make her feel like a princess in a (clean) carriage.
  2. Hook, line & sinker: Purse Hook
    This little invention can do wonders for the bottom of a lady’s pride and joy- her designer purse. The hook grabs onto the table top and provides a cradle for her purse, preventing the “bag on the floor vs. bag on the lap” dilemma.
  3. Rake in the ‘thanks’: Yard Cleaning Crew
    There’s a difference between gardening and yard work… and one sounds a bit more glamorous. Have a professional yard crew come clean up any extra weeds or overgrown shrubbery on the lawn. You could also hit up the nearest home improvement store and surprise her with a few hours of manual labor and yard-freshening flowers.
  4. Blow her away: Hair Blow-out
    Many busy moms don’t have the time to do their own hair, let alone take a couple hours off to get their hair done by a professional. Get her a blow-out, a wash & dry service that fits great into a hectic day of errand running and leaves your lady feeling refreshed and confident.
  5. Book her schedule: Leather Planner
    A mama on the go tends to balance many appointments, errands, and pick-ups in one jam-packed day. Get her a beautiful leather planner to keep all her ducks in a line during the day, and allow her to quickly locate openings in her schedule for date nights.
  6. Scrub down: Cleaning Service
    All too often single moms work all day only to come home to a mess of a house. Surprise your lady by hiring a professional cleaning service to sweep, vacuum, and spruce up the place so she doesn’t have to scrub the kitchen while the kids fight over the controller in the other room.
  7. The Babysitter’s Club: Nanny
    A single dating only needs a few essentials to find success: confidence, an opening in her schedule, and someone to watch the kids! Hire someone responsible to watch the children while you hit the town with her mind at ease.
  8. Much needed R&R: Massage or Facial
    Though a day at the spa is not the most original idea, there’s a reason why it tends to be such a popular Mother’s Day gift- most moms need some tension relief! Offer to watch the little ones while she indulges for an hour or two at a local spa. She’ll be in a tranquil, serene piece of mind and you’ll have time to get to know the kids a little better.
  9. Bake & Take: Cook then freeze take home meal service
    There are many places that offer cook & take home freezer meal parties, a fun and productive service. Gather a couple of her good girlfriends and send them to a make-and-freeze cooking class. They’ll learn some new recipes while making enough for the rest of the week, greatly freeing up her weeknight cooking time.
  10. Kids menu: Dinner on the kids
    If you’re dating a single mom with kids who are a bit older, have everyone go to dinner together and have the kids surprise mom by insisting on paying, or help the kids prepare a special meal at home. Regardless of where their funds actually come from, you’ll have mom overwhelmed by their generosity and their presence at dinner.
  11. Bonus Idea: Be romantic! Do something she has always wanted to do – whisk her away for a weekend getaway, cook her a candlelit meal, take her for a horse and carriage ride around town – but whatever you do, go all out to show her how much she means to you.

Are you pursuing a single mom? Tell us which gift idea you like best or share your favorite below. Are you a single mom yourself? If so, what gift do you covet most?

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  • Grace

    Don’t forget a great spa day! Most moms would love that idea, especially if it’s a homemade recipe prepared by the kids. How charming right? CoffeyBuzz talked about it this last Mother’s Day, check it out, the recipe and idea is really great.

  • Perfect Mother’s Day gift = car detailing gift certificate! Any mom with young kids knows how dirty the car can get. Buying a car detailing gift certificate is the perfect solution!

  • Who wouldn’t want maid service for her special day. I’m sure moms will appreciate a housekeeping service gift from you