Featured Success Couple: Shannon and Darryl

Darryl winked at me first, but I thought from his first emails to me that he wasn’t the least bit interested. I’m an English teacher so it’s hard for me not to write a lot and he would write back only a sentence or two. I assumed he was probably juggling too many online connections to keep up with his emails and figured I wouldn’t end up meeting him.

I was a little disappointed at that because I thought he was attractive, but there wasn’t much information on his page and I was interested in what he was about. At that point I had been on match for a few months and had gone on a lot of first dates, most of which left me frustrated, so I reached a point where I decided to make my profile inactive and take a break. I thought I might meet someone the “old-fashioned” way like at the grocery store or the gym. Well, the absence of my profile got his attention (he later told me that he wanted to find out if I was dating someone). We had exchanged phone numbers at some point and he sent me a text message, which I ignored. About a week later, he sent me another message while I was in bed reading a book and I thought “what the hell” and texted him back. We talked for several hours for a few nights and decided to go out on a date that Thursday, December 4, 2008. We had a lot of chemistry when we were talking, but I had had good conversations with other members and then been really disappointed on the actual date so I tried not to get my hopes up. I chose an Italian place by my apartment because he said he liked Italian and I liked not having to drive. A friend of mine called me when I was getting ready and told me to have a good time (she knew I was reluctant to go on another date), I said I would try my best. At 7:30, I walked the block to the restaurant and waited out front; he walked up a few minutes later. We went in to have dinner, talked about the usual things people who don’t know each other talk about – work, family, interests – and it was obvious neither one of us wanted the date to end with dinner so we agreed to go to a bar down the street and have a drink. Awkwardly enough, we ran into one of my ex’s at the bar so that allowed for some more history – and laughs – to be shared over beers.

We ended up talking for over five hours – shutting the bar down at 2 a.m. He walked me back to my apartment and we talked for a while more on my front steps. He kissed me goodnight and then sent me text messages when he got home that were so sweet I had difficulty sleeping because I just wanted to continue talking to him. He asked that I call to wake him up at 6 when I got up for work, which I did. We talked throughout the day; he had plans for Saturday night and I told him I could not wait until Sunday to see him so even though we were lacking sleep from the night before we arranged another date for that night. We saw a movie then spent the entire night talking; again, we went to work the next day and didn’t really feel the pain of not sleeping. He cancelled his plans for Saturday night so we could see each other. We went out again on Sunday.

Initially, we were both worried about seeming over eager to see one another, but we soon realized that the feeling was mutual. He made me dinner on Tuesday and introduced me to his mom, who gave her seal of approval. By Friday, about a week after I had met him, I knew that I wanted to be with him. He had invited me out to a happy hour and I rushed out of work to get changed and get there as fast as I possibly could and as soon as I walked into the room I knew that I always wanted to see his face looking at me. I had one of those nights where I didn’t realize there was anyone else in the room because all I could see was him. The same night, his mother, who was a little drunk on too much wine, told me that her son loved me. An awkward moment for him, but endearing. We saw each other almost every day from that point on and by the end of December I was no longer going home to my apartment. In March I had officially moved in, in April we bought our first puppy – a boxer named Fenway – in July of 2009 we were engaged, in December we rescued our second dog – a boxer mix named Jessie – and in June of 2010 we were married. We are now expecting our first child at the beginning of August 2011!

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