Cheap First Date Ideas for the Cash-Strapped

With Tax Day looming around the corner, finances seem to be on everyone’s mind. But concerns around a lighter wallet are no reason to skimp in the date night department- all you need is a little ingenuity! After all, about 58% of women surveyed said they did NOT want a fancy date with their Match. Ditch the couch and the coffeehouse rut with these creative and budget-friendly date ideas, gathered from our new feature for suggesting date venues on, DateSpark.

  1. “Find a food truck or two and order for one another to see your tastes.”
  2. “Hit up some garage sales or estate sales and see what fun things can be found. Follow your treasure hunt with brunch or lunch.”
  3. “Go find the best tacos in town and sample the Mexican cuisine your city has to offer, all while wearing sombreros!”
  4. “Go paintballing!”
  5. “Have a ‘never have I ever’ date and try out a type of cuisine neither of you have ever/would ever try. Use reviews from apps like Urban Spoon.”
  6. “Visit your nearest lake and rent a paddleboat. You can exercise without getting too winded!”
  7. “There are always open houses around the neighborhood. Visit one completely out of your price range to daydream about over coffee later.”
  8. “Channel your inner children and hit up a carnival. You’ll have fun challenging each other!”
  9. “Go to an art gallery opening. There is usually champagne and chocolate- need we say more?”
  10. “Head to your local bar and participate in the pop culture trivia night many of them offer.”

If you have another great idea for an inexpensive first date, let us know in the comments below!

For more information on the Cost of Dating in America, see the link.
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  • I like going to a fleamarket during the early daylight hours, there’s lots to check out & compare tastes on things. You can also have a hotdog lunch with a cold beer to walk around with! After that, an inexpensive dinner watching the sunset with a nightcap on the beach is an awesome way to end the date.

  • dondon

    My romantic date is walking along the prom, under a star filled sky! with a bag of chips and beers ! cheap, tacky and wacky, but very romantic! ” no wonder I can’t get a date !

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  • The first date don’t have to be a long one. Just a walk through some great places in the city, visit the mall, eat a sandwitch together and thats it. Thats just a first date, its not important the place, its important to get to know eachother.