Featured Success Couple: Jonathan and Karrah

On April 5, 2010 I got a notification that member soubrette1988, also known as Karrah, saw me in her Daily 5 and apparently my profile caught her attention. I went to her profile to see more information about her and I thought Karrah was really cute and was in the music business as an opera singer just like I am as a concert pianist, so I knew I had to send her a message. She got back to me within a day and we already were talking about our musical inspirations. Little did we know, we at some point went to the same music school at Roosevelt University. As a matter of fact, we had more conversations with each other about classes and then actually shared a class together in 2009. We didn’t have any interaction with each other or know each other at any point during our time there at the Chicago College of the Performing Arts.

After some of our great discussions, we decided to go out on our first date only a week after the initial communications. We both have an affinity for great microbrews, so it was actually Karrah’s idea to go to a restaurant called Small Bar, located in Wicker Park in Chicago. I get there and we pretty much hit it off right away. We had amazing food and Karrah introduced me to some great microbrews. Since Karrah introduced me to a new place, I thought it would be nice if I took her to my neighborhood to go dancing at one of my favorite bars called Red Ivy. It was an incredible night overall and very exciting. After I gave her a ride home that night, I knew from that moment we were going to keep dating.

After only a month of dating, she already met my immediate family members, and they loved her right away. I was giving a piano performance in the historic Fine Arts Building in Chicago and that’s where she met them and also heard me play piano for the very first time. After that moment, we realized we could do many performances together as a team. A month later, we would perform together at the SGI USA Cultural Center of Chicago to a rousing standing ovation. For both of us, that performance was the most memorable one for our musical careers together to date. Soon after that, we were invited to perform together in Laguna Beach, California and Dana Point, California for a big audience. We capped it off in November 2010 by traveling to California and competing in the Franz Liszt International Competition and winning Honorable Mention awards.

Before traveling to her hometown for thanksgiving in Minnesota, I knew this was the girl I wanted to marry. She’s perfect for me, I kept saying to myself. I purchased the engagement ring and knew that I was going to propose, but I didn’t know exactly how. I did the honorable thing by pulling her father aside to tell him that I wanted to marry his daughter and I would receive her parents blessing, which was great since they helped me orchestrate the proposal. After having an additional thanksgiving dinner at her grandparents’ home, in which I was too nervous to eat anything, Karrah’s parents told everyone to go into the living room because they wanted to hear me play the piano. I stood in front of the piano and instead of sitting down to play, I walk over to Karrah while she was sitting on the couch and proposed to her right there. She said Yes! After trying to catch her breath. I had her cousin capture the entire moment on video.

We will be getting married on October 1, 2011 and having a nice fall wedding at St. Peter’s Catholic Church located in Mendota, MN. Our reception will be held afterwards at the Prom Center in Oakdale, MN. For now, we enjoy making YouTube videos of ourselves playing and singing music and had many performances, including at University of Chicago and are invited to perform throughout California.

  • Katie

    It’s crazy how you can go to the same school and run in the same professional circle and never run into “the One” – I’m so happy for Karrah and Jonathan that there is match.com to fix that!

  • Antonio

    I have loved both Jon and Karrah ever since I first met them at our Alma Mater, CCPA @ Roosevelt. They are a couple of interesting people and I wish them well. Here’s to you…Cheers!