Dating 2.0 with Relationship Expert Whitney Casey

The rules of dating have changed and Relationship Expert Whitney Casey explores the new rules of dating — Dating 2.0 — in her latest YouTube video.

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  • It is true that how we do dating and relationships has changed a lot with the advent of social media – especially Facebook. In addition to the things you mentioned, one important thing I have found is the need to leave your relationship status blank on FB. It can get you into trouble if something thinks they are in a relationship with you and your relationship status says you’re single, or the opposite!

  • I feel slightly sorry for the older generation of singles whom are still on the dating scene. I’m Generation Y and still struggle with some of the latest dating developments – I had to think how these changes must effect slightly older daters!

  • Thanks and Regard for this video! The world of dating and relationship has been changed Now this has become very complex also it have become competitive many guy are trying more then one girls.

  • Erik

    My cousin Brenda told her husband Bill Lowe that before she would agree to marry him he hand to put a big diamond on her finger and $20,000 cash in her hands. This was after two years of dating. As the SE regional VP of Cannon you would think Bill would be a good catch and not have to pay a woman to marry him. I have known a lot of women who seem very fixated on how much a perspective mate makes just not quite to this extent. Perhaps Brenda is not that much different than most young women. She is just brazen enough to ask for what she wants. It seems we went from the era of Free Love to the era of the Material Girl.