Your Perfect Date Night Color: What to Wear

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You are going to wear that on your date?! What color you choose to wear on your date could say a lot about you. We took a look at The Psychology of Color and thought we’d share some color tone tips to guide you through the multihued chaos that is your closet.

Whether you know it or not, your go-to outfit hue may tell you exactly the kind of person you come across as to your Match date. In case you were wondering why you love a date in the color blue, or you can’t figure out why your “lucky white shirt” doesn’t seem to be so “lucky” in when it comes to the dating game, look up your “power” color below to get some insights that will benefit your romantic life.

You like to wear: Red
When you put this color of passion and love, you are wearing an invisible sign that says “here I am!” By sporting some red for your date night dress, you’re likely to receive some red-hot attention from your date.

You like to wear: Orange
This color represents aspiration at its best. Wearing orange in the early stages of your dating life signals early attractions. If your favorite color to wear is orange, you’re unabashedly saying you don’t have an “off” switch when it comes to passion.

You like to wear: Yellow
Yellow is the color of will, intuition, and wisdom… but it’s not a great indicator of romance. At times “yellow lovers” can be perceived as self-centered, so be wary of your use of the words “I” and “me” when you’re cooking up some conversation.

You like to wear: Green
At its most basic, green is the color of energy. It’s all about growing, expanding and living. If you wear green, you are usually recognized as a nice-person with a youthful outlook on life.

You like to wear: Blue
Blue is a color of simplicity, truth, and intellect. Regardless of the shade, this color says “I like to be understood” to your date.

You like to wear: Purple
Purple suggests royalty, honor, and success. People who wear purple tend to inspire coyness, romance, flirtation, all in the classiest of manners. If you love purple, you can be an imaginative romantic, so try to balance yourself out with real world expectations for the date.

You like to wear: White
White symbolizes purity (the traditional bridal dress), spirituality, and silence. There’s a minimalism to it, too. If you love to wear some white, you are probably seen as clean and orderly, but you may want to work on breaking the silence a bit as well.

You like to wear: Black
Like white, black is a combination of all colors, but instead of purity, it represents the unknown. Though they say black is the most flattering color on all, there’s no denying the sense of mystery and allure you portray.

Now that you’ve found out what your favorite color to don on a date means, let us know what your favorite hue is in the comments below!

Article Courtesy of Barrie Dolnick and Happen Magazine