Featured Success Couple: Carl and Maria

I (cjsince1980) noticed Maria as my 100% match. We had some email exchanges and then met for a drink. It wasn’t the best first date ever by any means but I used the excuse of turning 30 to ask for a second date, which was much more fun and from there things just got better and better.

  • tim

    I am still not getting responses. I tried everything. I came onto here so because I could be too much waiting for a bus as of not driving. I also at places I go to not find available women. I don’t let special needs stop me from using this site. I have been 7 to 8 years of looking for a girlfriend.

  • congratulations, success

  • Ayana

    Hey Tim, Have you tried working out or going to the gym? It’s all about staying active, having a job, taking pride in how you look and showing the women respect. Do that and your golden!!!

  • tim

    I tried walking on the beach. There is no way I will find someone at a gym. This is why I am on here. I walk far on my beach. Not finding available girls on my beach is a thing that got me on here.