Featured Success Couple: Keely and Derek

Derek and I chatted online for a couple weeks before setting up our first date. We had so much chemistry right from the beginning, but I was nervous that it might not translate if we met in person. Boy was I wrong. From our first date, I knew something was there. He later told me that after our second date, he called his parents and told them he had just met his wife. It’s been a whirlwind four months but I didn’t have a doubt in my mind that he’s the one. When people see us out and about they always comment on how much we glow. We met for a cup of coffee, that I hope never ends.

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  • Pingback: Tweets that mention Featured Success Couple: Keely & Derek! « Official Match.com Blog -- Topsy.com()

  • Larry Campbell

    Please notice that this is a youg couple. they have probably never been married before. How about all those divorced women who are subscribers to Match.com. How come they are never shown as examples of successful members who have found their perfect mate on Match.com. Also, I point out that I as an older member of Match.com who has never been married have ben ignored and rejected by the female members on this website. I have sent out dozens of e-mails with no or rude replys. All of these women even refuse to meet me in person. So, if you can’t even get to first base with female members( no responses), then how can you ever meet any of them in person. What are the female members on this website scared of. They have big trust issues. Are we all wasting our money and time joining this website? As Iv’e said before, the only people benefitting from this website are the owners who are raking in tons of money from this lonely hearts club service they call online dating. Who’s deceiving who? Let the members decide for themselves. As for me, i will definitely not be renewing my membership. It is not the company’s fault but the fault of the female members who refuse to trust any man whom they perceive as not qualified, not rich and famous enough, not having movie star looks. So, I urge all older men who are members on this website to cancell their membership and sign up with a reputable site such as eHarmony.com.

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      Larry, we’ll definitely include some more older couples in our Success Couples. You can also find plenty on our Success site at http://success.match.com. And sorry to hear you go, but best of luck with your online dating journey.