Featured Success Couple: Mandy and Matt

Matt’s coworker requested an essay regarding our love story & this is what he wrote…
We started to send messages back and forth on Match and then we lost touch. Well, I just kind of didn’t call her after we agreed that I would take her around Baltimore because she is not from around here. Now you’re probably thinking, wait, what is she doing here, and why didn’t you respond? To answer your questions, Mandy is from Georgia and is finishing up her pre-doctoral internship at Towson, where she is studying to be a doctor of psychology, yes a shrink. And the second answer is that there were a multitude of things going on over the summer, and I wasn’t too keen on the girls I met through online dating.So fast forward about a month to the beginning of October, and I decided that I would go home to help my dad on the farm, and asked Mandy if she’d like to come visit the farm. (Side note, Mandy grew up on a chicken farm in Georgia, so that’s another weird coincidence, but that sort of plays into the weekend I brought her home). I wanted to take Mandy on a four-wheeler ride up on the ridge behind my house to show her my woods, and just get away from my family for a bit to have some time to ourselves. It was that day that I knew that I never wanted her to leave my side, and on said four-wheeler ride I told her how much I cared for her, and was deeply in-love with her. She said the exact same thing and we haven’t been apart since that day, literally, we’ve spent every day together and it hasn’t gotten old, only better and better every day. I wake up next to her every day knowing that I’ve made the right choice, and wouldn’t want to go through life without her, knowing that what we have, most people spend an eternity looking for. I absolutely love and adore her, no questions asked. She is my Belle, and I am her Bear (she’s my southernbelle and I’m her bear because of my rather extraordinarily fury forearms that she loves) and that will be like that forever.

Trying to think of some place romantic and thoughtful to propose, I knew exactly where to take Mandy. I took her back to my parents farm and up on the ridge where we first said “I love you. I got down on one knee, told her that I knew that the first time we came up to that spot, I never wanted her to leave my side, and asked her to marry me. She said yes, and my parents had some champaign chilled at the house for us when we got back. The rest is history, or history to come, I should say.
I love her dearly, and could not imagine having anyone else with me, ever. We’re going to have a small wedding down at the Outer Banks for 30 people June: family and very close friends only, it’s what we’ve both wanted as far as weddings go, and it’s worked out rather nicely so far.