Featured Success Couple: Maggie and Tim

I’m sure everyone says this but, from the very first email I knew he was going to be different. Tim is a General Contractor and, at the time, was traveling back and forth to the Eastern Shore quiet often. It took me a few weeks to get him to nail down a date. On June 15, 2009 I opened the door and was at a loss for words.Tim was handsome both inside and out. In May of 2010 I moved into his apartment. Then in July we got a dog together, Diesel, and early December we moved into our first house. Before moving into the house, I had asked him to talk to my Dad. I’m 31 and Tim is 34, but I am still my father’s daughter and I thought since we weren’t married yet, it would make my Dad feel better about things. Little did I know, and little did my parents know, that Tim was going to ask for my hand in marriage that day 🙂

In NYE 2010 Tim hooked my ring to our dog Diesel’s collar, and let me out to our water front yard, got down on one knee (I got down with him because I just didn’t want him to be down there alone) and asked me to marry him. It couldn’t have been more perfect. I was completely surprised.

We plan to get married in October 2011 at Ravens Stadium. I work in player personnel and scouting for the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens have been a big part of my life for the last 10 years. I plan to walk out of the tunnel, down the aisle to the 50 yard line where my future husband and I will exchange our vows. I love Tim and cannot wait to be his wife!