Featured Success Couple: Shannon and Beecher

We both had been living in Charlotte for 4 years and felt like we had dated unsuccessfully for long enough and were up for something different. After talking to a couple of friends that had tried match.com and found out that they were having fun meeting new people and dating I decided to give it a shot. It took a little more encouraging from friends for Beecher to give it a try.

Beecher is a little old fashioned but said it best when he said “I don’t even pay my bills online so it was a stretch for me to think about meeting a girl online!” At the time he decided to sign up he was working a lot out of town and realized that he wasn’t going to be able to meet anyone on his own so he gave in.

Beecher signed up for match.com on Sunday Nov.29 I signed up on Monday Nov.30th and he showed up on my daily 5 on Tuesday December 1st. Friday Dec. 18th he emailed me… 3 times within an hour. The first message said something about being sorry it took him so long to get back to me?!? I was confused at first then realized that if you clicked “yes you were interested” that it would show up on their profile! Turns out that is the message he was referring to. In the second email he told me that he was working out of town and was not able to get online much and he really wanted to talk to me sometime so he hoped I didn’t mind him “grabbing the bull by the horns” but here was his cell phone number. If I was interested I could give him a call sometime. Then the third email… ” I just wanted to say I looked at your profile again and you seem really awesome. I look forward to talking to you sometime” I wasn’t sure how to feel about how forward he was being at first but I decided I would give him a shot so I text him the next day- Saturday Dec. 19th. We text back and forth all day then talked on the phone for the first time that evening. My little brother had just arrived home from basic training so I wasn’t able to talk long. As soon as I heard his voice I felt spark!!

  • Kevin Pinkham

    I remember her profile, favoriting her, and even sending an email. Never had a response. Of course, now I know why. I’d really like this to work, but the amount of effort I exert compare to the reponses is rather disheartening. Would you be interested in helping me to find out where I’m failing, and helping me, and in return I’d be more than happy to have you publish the outcome?