Featured Success Couple: Joe and Camille

I won’t lie; I was hesitant to use any online dating site to meet someone. But my work schedule often kept me from going out and meeting people I was interested in dating. At the time I was deciding which online dating site to use, there were few options. I chose Match.com because they allowed me the most freedom.

I didn’t like the idea of having an unknown person “pick” my matches for me based on an ambiguous test. I liked having the independence to browse through profiles at my leisure. Plus Match had the most members which meant more opportunity to meet Miss Right.
At the urging of my friends, I joined Match.com early May 2007. Camille was the first person I met! We took our time emailing back and forth before moving into the phone conversations. Her wit, sense of humor, intelligence and ease was refreshing and it wasn’t long before we set up our first date. Seeing her initial smile on our first date cleared any doubt I had in my mind that there would be more dates to come. After many dates, family gatherings and travels, we knew marriage was in our future. We got engaged November 2008. In December 2009, we got married. We own a home, we have a cat and dog and we are now expecting our first child! The past three years have been magical. Many people are often surprised to learn that we met online but we tell them it was the best decision we ever made.